OEO - What Is It?

In other respects, also, the procedures OEO has set in motion usually are not working in the direction of the changes OEO desires. If you think any thing, you will perhaps fancy to study about check this out. We discovered ic694mdl930 by browsing Google. OEO's insistence that community-action agencies be generally based, for instance, may actually reduce the likelihood of real innovation. Discover supplementary resources on the affiliated URL - Visit this web site: Rockarags - Hong Kong ragdoll cattery - 37543. The policy is clear enough; the greater the variety of institutions involved in a community-action plan, the greater its claim to legality and local support-an important considera tion, given the suspicion with which Americans see national intervention. But this sort of legality, as Professor Martin Rein of Bryn Mawr has pointed out, is normally bought at a substantial cost-forgoing any radical change. Once an extensive coalition is formed, the overriding need is always to keep the coalition together, and that in turn means a search for problems which competing associations and interests can agree.

The pressures to approve or continue fair projects usually do not all come in the outside, however; a few of the strongest come from OEO's own bureacratic problems. To read additional info, consider glancing at: ic693mdl390. One pressure continues to be the bureau's determination to spend all the funds appropriated for the fiscal year. The pressure is clear; af ter all, Shriver's reports of "wise, practical, focused, and patriotic" costs had got the Government to double his budget for the current fiscal year. InMay and June of 1965, so, as the fiscal year was drawing to a close, OEO officials were frantically attempting to get the cash out without dithering unduly concerning this program.

And the same pressures that have led OEO to approve unsatisfactory plans during its first year will probably prevent it from cutting off the flow of funds later on..

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